This post is a bit more personal than most I intend to write.

In January I landed a job in the software industry. A whole lot of things in my life changed due to my new job. Those changes have been unanimously positive: My new team of coworkers is helpful and funny, the entire company is very friendly and open to new things, my commute is shorter, I moved out of a crappy neighborhood, etc..

I joined The Resumator as a software engineer.

The resumator’s current product is an applicant tracking system intended for small and rapidly growing businesses to make managing hires less of a burden. It’s written in PHP and runs on a relatively vanilla LAMP stack. The office environment is great and the company treats its employees well and is quickly growing; Since I joined the Resumator, the engineering team moved to its own floor. We picked out desks and office entertainment(An arcade machine, probably something more soon!).

It’s was almost depressing leaving a company that I would equate with a slowly sinking ship. I don’t like to back down from failing systems. I would much sooner fix the problem. There were a lot of things at WPI that I would have liked to have changed. It was a loss because I was unable to make things work. But I do not blame myself for those issues, as I think the management at WPI needs to do some serious soul searching. It became painfully obvious to me that I was not where I wanted to be.

In the span of a week I went from a hobbyist to a professional programmer. And since January there’s been a lot to learn. I’ve put a few smaller feature into production and fixed a handful of bugs. I also started my first sprint this past week. It’s been an awesome ride and I am curious where The Resumator will go in the next few years.