I started working on a couple new projects in the past few months:

  • An interactive chat and card game playing application built on nodejs. My friend Ryan started this in Summer 2012 but tapered off and the project sat idle. I began tinkering with it in March 2013 and plan to get it up and running this year. The big hurdle here is that I am learning serverside javascript as I go. It’s been half infuriating and half magical, but it’s keeping me interested on the weekends. This project can be found here on github.
  • A search engine and web crawler written in Python. I started this in November 2012 and showcased its beginnings in a few job interviews. I’ve been developing this TDD style(building tests before I write the code). I’m using this project to get better at testing and to learn about search. This project can be found here on github.

Look out 2013!!