Hi there. My name's Gabe. I'm a computer nerd interested in most things web-development, databases, machine learning, and GIS. I'm a software engineer at JazzHR, formerly known as Jazz as well as The Resumator. In my free time I enjoy fiddling with programming projects, minimalist long-distance running, woodworking, playing video-games, traveling, photography, looking at silly pictures on the internet, and spending time with my cats.

I'm a proponent of open source software and appreciate its many communities.

At JazzHR we maintain a complex PHP application that provides small businesses with tools to help them collaborate and make better hiring decisions. We've been porting our product from a legacy 'MVC-like' legacy application to a heavy front-end client and a RESTful HTTP API. I've been involved in many technical aspects of the product, from front-end architecture to back-end architecture to data and domain modeling to testing, you name it.

I open source most of my personal projects on my github account. Feel free to fork a project or contribute! Also feel free to contact me via twitter.

This blog is comprised of personal thoughts, work, and projects unless otherwise noted. None of the opinions expressed within represent those of my employer.