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👋 Hi there! My name is Gabe. Thanks for visiting my website.

I'm interested in most things web-development, databases, security, and GIS. I'm a software engineer at Heggerty. Before that I worked at JazzHR, which was formerly known as Jazz and before that The Resumator. I have 11+ years of full-stack web development experience, more recently focused on front-end development, architecture, distributed systems, and data.

Growing up I played PC games and as a result was exposed to computers at a young and formative age. Despite that I was a late entrant to the software industry. I am a self-taught engineer and earned a degree in environmental studies and a certificate in geographic information systems.

I am a proponent of open-source software and appreciate its many communities.

In my free time I enjoy:

  • 🔧tinkering with personal software projects
  • 🏃recreational endurance sports
  • 🪵woodworking
  • 🍅gardening

This website is comprised of personal thoughts, work, and projects unless otherwise noted. None of the opinions expressed within represent those of my employer.

You can find my current resume here.

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